Assignment White Paper Critique: Success as a Knowledge Economy: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice

In this post, I'll be exploring the higher education white paper that was released in May 2016, in which I'll be critiquing the paper using other sources as evidence, whilst including personal examples and opinions of the paper.


Assignment Journal Article Critique: Continued Voluntary Participation Intention in Firm-Participating Open Source Software Projects

he post, is a review and critique of an academic journal article, including a personal summary of the article, followed by my critiques and opinions of the article.

Assignment Wearable Technology in the Medical Industry: Improving Posture Using Smart Fabric?

Poor posture is something that many suffer with, causing back and neck pain from prolonged time behind the computer, or behind the wheel, potentially escalating to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). Is wearable technology the answer to better posture? Thus improving our productivity and wellbeing. This post analyses a new wearable technology concept that proposes to do just that.